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Arc Applications celebrates 25 years

Arc Applications celebrated its 25th anniversary November 7th in Chicago with a reception at the Fairmont Chicago. We had a great evening reminiscing with customers, vendors, mentors and well-wishers.   AAI is looking forward to the next 25 years!

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TIG welding variant benefits documented by AAI

  Several manufacturers of TIG welding equipment, foremost among them EWM HightecWelding, are touting a new TIG welding variant which combines a vibrating feed and hot wire heating. The vibration is generated by a high speed back and forth mechanical wire feed motion. Pre-heating, by applying an independent current across the wire as it enters…

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Jason Rausch at AAI

New Welding Engineer on the Arc Applications, Inc. Weld Lab Team

I am happy to announce the newest addition to the Arc Applications, Inc. team, Jason R. Rausch.  Jason earned his B.S. in Welding Engineering from The Ohio State University in 2013 and comes to AAI with experience in production and weld procedure development for industries including oil & gas and heavy machinery.  Say hello to Jason the next time you’re in…

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VP Tungsten Waveform Collage

In The Weld Lab: Variable Polarity GTAW, Tungstens, and Waveforms

Every once in a while we need to strip everything away from a welding process until we’re left with the bare essentials. We did this recently with a variable polarity GTAW (VP-GTAW) power supply to investigate its output characteristics, and along the way we made some other interesting observations that we’re sharing here. To do…

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Mike Myers AWS 2015 Cladding Presentation

GTAW Overlays: Cold Wire, Hot Wire and Beyond

Gas tungsten arc welding is often used in overlay applications using traditional cold wire and hot wire techniques. Mike Myers, in his presentation to the AWS Cladding Conference, May 12-13, 2015, provided an overview of these common techniques and several non-traditional techniques which have been developed to address modern manufacturing needs.  The non-traditional techniques which…

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Weld pool in the groove

Explore: Dual Torch Narrow Groove GTAW

One of the more amusing nuances of the welding industry are the acronyms used to refer to the welding processes. What is known as stick welding by most people is officially titled Shielded Metal Arc Welding, SMAW. Well today we would like to share with you one of our favorite processes, and with it, its…

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Weld Development Lab Open House at AAI

AAI held it’s Open House on October 27-28 to showcase its new facility, including state of the art weld development lab and offices.  The Open House provided a perfect opportunity to meet and network with a variety of welding industry members, view equipment demonstrations and exchange information at the daily technical presentations.

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Lyle Spiegel
Phoenix Laser Solutions

Welding industry experts featured at AAI Open House

Those attending the AAI Open House October 27-28 were treated to a wealth of world class information at the presentations given by welding industry experts both days.   Monday morning Lyle B. Spiegel, Advanced Technology Consulting Engineer with Phoenix Laser Solutions, presented information and applications for laser welding technology. His overview of the historical progression of laser technologies was…

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AAI Open House, Oct. 27-28…excitement is building!

  We’re busy as beavers preparing the new AAI facility for our industry Open House which takes place next week Monday, Oct. 27 and Tuesday, Oct. 28. Please take some time out of your busy schedule to stop by.  We’ll be open both days, 9 to 4.  

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Technical presentations by leading welding industry experts at AAI Open House

Planning for the AAI Open House, October 27-28th, is moving forward including presentations on the following topics: Monday, Oct 27 11:00 AM     “Low Heat Input Precision Repair & Refurbishment Using Manual Laser Deposition- Applications & Opportunities”  Blair Learn, President, Phoenix Laser and Lyle B. Spiegel, Advanced Technology Consulting Engineer, Phoenix Laser 2:00 PM     “Welding in Power Generation – 45 Years…

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