Arc Applications, Inc.

Welding Development

Weld Pool Viewed Through Vision System
AAI welding development programs address a wide range of customer needs. Programs are designed to develop applicable manufacturing processes and weld procedures to maximize production, inspectability and quality control.

In conjunction with our development capabilities, specific customer manufacturing requirements are met by supporting specialized design, fabrication, and verification testing of production ready welding systems. These systems integrate fixturing and weld equipment modifications to produce turn-key welding stations to improve manufacturability, increase customer capability, operator control and process repeatability while reducing production costs.

Welding development programs are supported by the full range of AAI expertise.

  • Program definition tailored to the exacting requirements of each client
  • Solution and concept feasibility testing performed in the AAI weld development lab
  • Development and production trials of weld procedures and automated welding equipment and systems
  • Testing, qualification and training of welders
  • Implementation of developed solutions and production support

Sub Sea Optic Cable Repeater Body WeldingSub Sea Optic Cable Repeater

The sub-sea optic cable repeater body welding program spanned basic weld design feasibility, equipment development, and initial production support to the client.  The challenge in production operations was to generate consistent weld penetration and quality while eliminating heat damage to internal electronics.  Operator safety was achieved with remote controls and closed chamber ventilation for fume extraction.

Hot Wire Narrow Groove WeldingTurbine Rotor Shaft Repair

Thick section forged shaft splicing with the Hot-Wire GTA narrow groove process for power generation applications. A series of re-designs and modifications were made to the torch configuration, shielding cups, and optics based on test results. Control of filler chemistry, shielding gas purity and weld pass geometry were critical to generating the properties required for the demanding in-service conditions of wind turbine rotor shafts.

ITER Vacuum Vessel – Remote Welding and Cutting Repair Demonstration

Parallel Rotating Tungsten Narrow Groove Welding Torches for ITER Fusion Reactor

Arc Applications was selected as the welding lab for the US Team fusion reactor vacuum vessel mockup simulating the inner and outer wall between the vacuum vessel divertor and mid-plane ports.

Using rotating tungsten narrow groove production torches developed at AAI, the robot mounted welding torches were modified to reach between a 150 mm (5.9”) opening in the inner shell and then down 200 mm to 560 mm (7.9 to 22”) to the outer shell wall of the mockup.

The developed sequences applied parallel torch welding procedures to simulate a vessel wall repair while controlling deposit quality and distortion in all positions.