Arc Applications, Inc.

Technical presentations by leading welding industry experts at AAI Open House

Planning for the AAI Open House, October 27-28th, is moving forward including presentations on the following topics:

Monday, Oct 27

11:00 AM     “Low Heat Input Precision Repair & Refurbishment Using Manual Laser Deposition- Applications & Opportunities”  Blair Learn, President, Phoenix Laser and Lyle B. Spiegel, Advanced Technology Consulting Engineer, Phoenix Laser

2:00 PM     “Welding in Power Generation – 45 Years of Lessons Learned”  Dennis Amos, Staff Engineering Consultant, Arc Applications, Inc.

Tuesday, Oct. 28

11:00 AM     “Welding Duplex Stainless Steels, Lean to Hyper Duplex”  Frank Babish, Technical Manager, Sandvik Materials Technology

1:00 PM      “RTI-X: A New Higher-Strength, Highly Corrosion-Resistant and Weldable Titanium Alloy Designed for Energy/Marine Service”  R.W. Schutz and B.C. Jena, RTI International Metals, Inc., Advanced Innovation & Technology, Niles, Ohio

We’re looking forward to seeing you!