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TIG welding variant benefits documented by AAI


Testing in the AAI weld lab.

AAI and ISI in the weld lab

Fixed position TIG torch testing

Fixed position TIG torch testing

Several manufacturers of TIG welding equipment, foremost among them EWM HightecWelding, are touting a new TIG welding variant which combines a vibrating feed and hot wire heating. The vibration is generated by a high speed back and forth mechanical wire feed motion. Pre-heating, by applying an independent current across the wire as it enters the weld pool, is added to promote increased deposition rates at set arc currents. While general information on technology and cost savings is provided, manufacturers have not distributed usable engineering data from controlled testing to support and demonstrate claims.

Basic documentation of deposition rates, penetration and wetting characteristics on several alloys can be an important tool for selecting and planning for production welding requirements with these systems.

Industrial Solutions & Innovations, Houston, Texas, is collaborating with the Welding Engineers at Arc Applications, Inc. to study the process. AAI will be planning a series of controlled tests to document the capabilities of the process in general, and the EWM tigSpeed equipment specifically. Initially, AAI will concentrate on mapping the effect of selected functions, in various alloy and gas mixture combinations, on weld bead profiles.

Watch for new posts as the tests proceed and feel free to contact AAI with any questions you may have on your specific welding applications.