Arc Applications, Inc.

Welding industry experts featured at AAI Open House

Those attending the AAI Open House October 27-28 were treated to a wealth of world class information at the presentations given by welding industry experts both days.


Lyle Spiegel Phoenix Laser Solutions

Lyle Spiegel
Phoenix Laser Solutions

Monday morning Lyle B. Spiegel, Advanced Technology Consulting Engineer with Phoenix Laser Solutions, presented information and applications for laser welding technology. His overview of the historical progression of laser technologies was a great reminder of all that has been accomplished in the industry.




Dennis Amos Arc Applications, Inc.

Dennis Amos
Arc Applications, Inc.

Monday afternoon, Dennis Amos, formerly with Westinghouse, Siemens and now an Engineering Consultant with AAI, gave an overview of his 45 years of welding in the power generation industry.  Other industry attendees were happy to have the opportunity to finally meet the famous Mr. Amos and came to truly appreciate his impact on the entire industry.




Frank Babish Sandvik Materials Technology

Frank Babish
Sandvik Materials Technology

On Tuesday morning, Frank Babish, Technical Manager for Sandvik NAFTA with Sandvik Materials Technology, spoke on welding duplex stainless steels, lean to hyperduplex.  A well respected expert in the industry, everyone who heard his presentation benefited from his experience in welding duplex stainless steels.





Ronald Schutz RTI International Metals, Inc.

Ronald Schutz
RTI International Metals, Inc.

Tuesday afternoon, Ronald W. Schutz and Birendra C. Jena, both of RTI International Metals, Inc. Advanced Innovation and Technology, introduced a new titanium alloy, RTI-X, which features high strength, higher corrosion resistance and better weldability than the alloys currently in use.  Methods for predicting service life generated a great deal of interest during the question and answer period.



The presentations offered the participants plenty of time for questions and answers in an informal setting which led to lively discussions and observations.  Everyone, presenters and attendees, left with new ideas and new information.

AAI thanks all the presenters for their time and their participation.  They were an important component of the overall success of the Open House.